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Nine at noons, Midnight mornings

I spoke to the wind again today, it told me it was afraid of dying...

The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes
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  • heartagramicons@livejournal.com

+Do not alter, these are not bases
+Please comment if you take any icons
+Credit is nice but is not necessary
+Do Not pass them off or redistribute them as your own work
+Please do not hotlink; save them or upload them to your own server
+Enjoy =)

Icons with swearing or sexual content are put in locked entries

Any commendations I have received for my icons are located here

Brush credit goes to meleada and 77_words
Vampire picture used in header taken from Deviantart; artist unknown
Most graffiti icons are made using pictures from Pictures of Walls; various artists
Other minor credits are given in posts, where applicable.

If I have used a base picture or a brush that is yours
and I haven’t credited you, I apologise
Leave a comment and I’ll fix things up